How To Choose A Liverpool Builder

5 tips for choosing a Liverpool builder successfully:

1. Use a builder that you feel you can trust.

This is the most important step to finding a builder to complete your project as if there is no trust you won’t feel you can give your builders the freedom to complete the job to the best of their ability – always a bad start!

2. Get more than 1 quote

Don’t let any tradesmen apply pressure tactics to you. If they do this is a tell tale sign of an unreputable trader. Most decent builders will respect the fact you need multiple quotes to make up your mind.

3. Ask friends and neighbours that have had building work already done

If you have local friends or family that have recently used a Liverpool based builder then ask their opinion. If available as an option to you this should never be ruled out.

4. Never agree to pay the full amount up front!

Depending on the size and scale of the project, reputable builders will usually come up with a stage payments plan. This will allow you to see progress of your project and pay agreed installments once set stages of your work have been completed.

5. Finally make sure to check qualifications and / or ask for local references

Most relaible and decent builders should be able to show you qualifications they have gained over the years. Also try to find other local projects that the builder has completed along with references so you can thoroughly vet them.

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