Home Decor Tips – Freshen Up Your Hallway

The hallway is often one of the most neglected spaces in our homes, turning into a dumping ground for shoes, coats etc. Please read through some tips we’ve put together to brighten up your hallway and impress visitors immediately:

1. Make a feature of coats and shoes

By embracing the items that you store in your hallway and turning them into a feature you can have a stylish and prectical space. Go for a stylish coat and hat peg area on your wall and maybe even a coat, hat and umbrella stand in the corner. A bench can also provide a nice seating area allowing you to store baskets underneath in which you can olace all your shoes to reduce your clutter.

2. Create a feature wall

Brighten up one darker area of your hallway with some bright feature wallpaper. A vibrant patterned yellow will look really nice allowing you to also blend some subtle yellow features like baskets or pictures.

3. Use mirrors to lighten a small space

You can reflect light with a range of mirrors. Small hallways can sometomes lack natural light and a mix of differently designed mirrors can help to create a retro look that will help to impress any visitors.

4. Add a simple shelf

A simple shelf can provide the perfect place to store keys etc. and is the perfect place to put a vase of flowers or family pictures to give your hallway a sense of personality.

We hope you like some of our home decor tips, please come back soon and we’ll hopefully help you out with some other home decor tips.